The Power of Automation for Harvesting Cannabis: Cultivate Podcast Ep. 10 (VIDEO)

17/09/2018 12:08 PM by Twister Education Team

In May 2018, while attending Lift Expo in Toronto, our very own VP of Business Development and Partner at Twister, Matt Christopherson, sat down to record Episode 10 of Boveda's "Cultivate" Podcast, hosted by Drew Emmer, and Scott Swail.

In this episode, we bring you an authentic conversation about the industry—covering the benefits of automation and how it increases efficiencies when scaling up in this fast-paced environment as well the importance of maintaining proper flower moisture content that is ideal for harvest, sale, and consumption. 



announcing: Twister and Boveda industry PARTNERship 

Twister and Boveda's partnership was organically cultivated over an alignment on moisture content, a passion for the industry and education being a core pillar of our business.

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