Cannabis Trimming Tips: How Dry is Dry?

28/08/2018 02:43 PM by Twister Education Team

T4 Dry

 Learning when to dry trim is a highly underrated skill.

Like really, how dry is "dry"??

Most often with inexperienced growers, "dry" means bone dry to levels below 7% which in the opinion of most experienced growers simply is way too dry. YES it will allow your "trim bag" or bin trimmer to work but the end result is often soooo dry the flower loses it's profile, doesn't cure well and smokes extremely harsh!!

When trimming with the Twister T4 we always recommend drying to levels where the outer part of the leaf is dry and the inner portion of the flower is between 11-17%. This leaves (no pun intended) a bit of moisture on the inner portion of the leaf and the inner portion of the flower remains moist so that it springs back a bit when pressed with the thumb and finger. The result gets you a better trim (with blades - not shake and bake) and a way better flower profile (bag appeal) and better weights.


Next time your smoke is too harsh, ask the grower what he used to trim his product with. Chances are it was dried wayyyy down in order to "trim it" in a bag or bin.



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